Weru App

Weru App

At PC Apps International LLC, we offer technology solutions through the WERU APP software, which addresses problems in activities requiring home service, such as delays in service, technicians arriving late to visits, high fuel consumption for transportation, use of paper for work orders, among others.

By implementing the WERU APP software, we offer to digitalize service or work orders to efficiently carry out the planning, scheduling, assignment, generation, supervision, and tracking of these orders.

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What Does It Involve?

  1. Team management:
    • The software allows scheduling work for the company's technicians, keeping them connected online throughout the entire service process.
  2. HelpDesk:
    • WERU APP creates a central hub that allows your services to make requests, obtain quotes, track operations, and schedule technicians' work.
  3. Cost and Expense Reduction:
    • The software reduces the use of paper, transportation costs for technicians, and expenses for service orders and electronic billing, among others.
  4. Team Optimization:
    • It enables real-time location tracking of personnel, assists with the control of tools and spare parts, allows for authorizations, quotes, transmission of images and videos, and the creation of digital reports for clients and the company.
  5. Reduced Billing Time:
    • WERU APP allows for electronic billing as soon as the contracted technical service is completed, thus reducing the time for client payment and collection.
  6. Types of Companies:
    • WERU APP is available for the following types of companies:
      • Gardening
      • Residential and Commercial Cleaning
      • Refrigeration
      • Solar Energy
      • Energy Generation
      • Technical Assistance
      • Maintenance
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We are a private company dedicated to providing technological solutions with a focus on quality and innovation, enabling us to offer services that make a difference in the growth and success of our clients.


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